B2B eCommerce Trends: Co-sponsored Webinar with ShipHawk

B2B eCommerce Trends: How to Scale For Growth & Boost Profits


Find out how to scale your business for growth and gain profits.

ShipHawk and Apruve discuss the trends in B2B eCommerce:

Best of Breed Approach

Make sure your ecommerce companies are set up for success. Implement a best-of-breed approach to your B2B commerce efforts. Decide which components are important and streamline a solution that works for you and your business customers. By purchasing and integrating different technology vendors, you are able to offer a better solution. For example, Lyft and Uber both created apps that pair with other applications to boost productivity, sales, and make the user experience top notch. A customer places an order through the on-demand car app where payment is handled online, without money ever exchanging hands.

Sophisticated Workflows

Sophisticated workflows is another trend for the B2B experience. In a perfect world, a B2B buyer is easily able to find a product, make the purchase, and receive the product. However, managing the sales process of a B2B purchase often is much more complex. More technology creates more touches of a sale along the way, and inevitably creates a more sophisticated workflow. B2B commerce buying offers many product options, followed by more operating systems and pricing structure, which funnels down to how that product is purchased and shipped. Is that customer being offered credit terms, or are they paying upfront with a credit card or check. There are many components to a b2b system to take into consideration.

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