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The Cost of AR Whitepaper

AR Cost

The Cost of AR Do you know what costs are involved in maintaining your accounts receivable department? We break down the costs involved with A/R, and show how extending payment terms commonly costs businesses more than 3% of sales revenue: Invoice Software Credit Insurance Bad Debt Factoring Receivable Financing Unexpected costs to other departments This white paper also dives into: Invoice Software Credit Insurance Bad Debt Factoring Receivable Financing Unexpected costs to other departments […]

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Magento White Paper

Magento B2B eCommerce Guide

Magento White Paper: B2B eCommerce Guide B2B eCommerce is projected to skyrocket within the next few years. Forrester predicts by 2020, B2B eCommerce will be a 1.1 trillion dollar industry, amounting to over 12% of total B2B transactions. The industry is moving to the web, and traditional methods of buying are changing with the times. As transactions move to digital spaces, companies are looking for digital platforms to host their eCommerce business. Magento offers a premier solution to this ever increasing and crucial area of B2B commerce. Why sell online? B2B vs. B2C Key B2B Features Integrated Applications B2B commerce […]

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B2B Platform Comparison White Paper

B2B Comparison Guide: B2B eCommerce Solutions With the B2B eCommerce market projected to be three times the size of B2C, it’s obvious that distributors need to get online or risk getting left behind. Whether you are just beginning this journey or you’ve hit double digit online sales, this guide can help you answer key questions to help you build or improve upon your B2B eCommerce strategy. Should we host our platform in the cloud? How important is mobile in B2B? How are customers paying online? What works best for my company size? How do these platforms stack up against each […]

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Unlocking Hidden Value White Paper

Unlocking Hidden Value in Business Credit Operations This executive brief will focus on an area of finance we will label as “credit management as a service” defined as the combination of credit management, invoice financing, and account management. In this brief you will learn: Why options to free up cash are rising in importance as access to cash continues to be a challenge for many organizations. The benefits of streamlining business credit management operations are significant and should not be overlooked in overall digital transformation. As the supply chain continues to be streamlined by technology, buyers are driving a more […]

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The Shopify B2B eCommerce Guide

The Shopify B2B Ecommerce Guide

The Shopify B2B eCommerce Guide Business to Business transactions are steadily leaving the face-to-face sales and paper catalog interactions to go to a simplified and frictionless buying process. Download the “The Shopify B2B eCommerce Guide” to learn where eCommerce is growing, and what your company can implement on their platform to boost your revenues. Key topics covered: How large is the B2B market within the E-commerce vertical? How large will the market get and what the outlook for the industry is? What is driving b2b sales in marketing? Who is making B2B purchases online? How are B2B buyers researching products […]

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B2B eCommerce by the Numbers

B2B Ecommerce by the Numbers

B2B eCommerce by the Numbers We are no longer in the 1990’s. Technology has changed buying behavior in more ways than one. No longer is research conducted with paper catalogs and a landline phone. Instead, buyers are researching their next purchase on the internet, their cell phones, tablets or laptops. The traditional ways of buying and selling are changing, and we are making the move to online platforms. With the industry projected to skyrocket to 1.1 trillion dollars by 2020, eCommerce is more important than ever for businesses to be taking advantage of. Moving sales online and to the cloud […]

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