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B2B Ecommerce by the Numbers

B2B eCommerce by the Numbers

B2B eCommerce by the Numbers

We are no longer in the 1990’s. Technology has changed buying behavior in more ways than one. No longer is research conducted with paper catalogs and a landline phone.

Instead, buyers are researching their next purchase on the internet, their cell phones, tablets or laptops. The traditional ways of buying and selling are changing, and we are making the move to online platforms. With the industry projected to skyrocket to 1.1 trillion dollars by 2020, eCommerce is more important than ever for businesses to be taking advantage of. Moving sales online and to the cloud reduces risks and costs, while maximizing your profits.

How is your company positioning itself to better meet the needs of your customers? Download the “B2B eCommerce by the Numbers” to learn about specific questions, such as:

  • How large is the B2B eCommerce industry?
  • How large will it get?
  • What is driving this growth?
  • Who is making B2B purchases online?
  • How are B2B buyers researching products before buying?

Move your sales online and increase your profits today.

By 2020, the US B2B eCommerce market is expected to be worth $1.1 trillion — twice the size of the US business-to-consumer (B2C) eCommerce market.

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