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Whitepaper: Tailor-Fit Your Credit Term Programs to Your Market & Buyers

Tailor-Fit Your Credit Term Programs to Your Market & Buyers

In the age of digital transformation, too many companies use a one size fits all approach to credit programs when they could be extending optimal terms to different customer segments.

Apruve leverages multiple lenders to tailor-fit credit term programs to your markets, buyers, volumes, and risk. Build your best program simply and efficiently with Apruve’s financing options and the Apruve Global Credit Network.

Much like LendingTree® changed the way homeowners shop for and secure their right-fit mortgage loan, Apruve is revolutionizing credit programs, making it easy for companies to access a global credit network and expand into new markets without adding A/R resources

Download the whitepaper to learn how your enterprise can build the credit program best suited for the needs of your business with Apruve’s multiple financing options. 

Compare and contrast financing options such as:

  • Recourse
  • Non-Recourse
  • Hybrid
  • Pay Over Time
  • as well as many others