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Time is Money.

Extend terms. Get paid now.

Imagine a world where your cash flows freely amongst your business, accounts receivable is automated, and collections are no longer your responsibility. Welcome to Apruve.

Reinventing how businesses buy from each other

Transforming credit programs from back office burdens to engines for growth.

Streamline A/R

Improve Cash Flow

Eliminate Risk

Grow Sales

Automating Your Credit Program

Apruve is revolutionizing the way businesses buy from each other, making extending credit as easy and risk free as accepting a credit card.
Fully Automated
From buyer credit approval through invoicing, collections and payment, Apruve manages your credit program so you don’t have to.
Get paid in 24 hours
Your receivables disappear when Apruve pays you for any invoices generated through the platform.
Online Credit Approval
Database driven methodologies help to issue credit limits that meet your customers purchasing needs.
Built for your Business
Whether your customers place orders online or offline, Apruve can manage and finance their orders.

35%+ cost savings over traditional B2B credit management practices.


Limitless B2B

Extending credit to your customers drives sales, buyer loyalty and customer lifetime value. It's too bad managing these programs is a manual, cumbersome, expensive process.

Until now.

Tame Your Credit Monsters

Our platform turns your credit monsters into a competitive advantage.

Meet Apruve’s Monsters

Transform the way you do business

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