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Free Yourself From the Grip of Accounts Receivable
Get paid at invoice and never manage A/R again.
Simplify Your Business
Make sales revenue and cash one and the same, no longer worry about when you will get paid.
Eliminate Non-Value Adding Processes
Managing A/R is a distraction from your core competencies, adding overhead and financial pain.
Improve the Experience
Provide a seamless and fast experience for your buyers to get approved, invoiced, and pay.
A/R is an Archaic Practice.

For over 4,000 years businesses have been allowing customers to buy goods and delay payment for a period of time, adding overhead and reducing working capital.

The most dangerous phrase in language is ‘we’ve always done it this way.’
Grace Hopper
A/R as a Service

Every day we use software and partners to take on the burdens of managing mission critical applications like payroll, benefits, and our servers.

With Apruve, Accounts Receivable becomes another back-office worry that can be eliminated so you can focus on what matters: your customers and your bottom line.


Making receivables disappear is our job. Getting paid on every invoice in a predictable, repeatable way with no added overhead means A/R just moved to the bottom of the list of things your business has to worry about.