Effortlessly Extend Net Terms

Automate your enterprise's high volume, routine B2B invoicing by combining embedded trade credit & A/R automation with guaranteed next-day financing.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Reduce fixed credit and A/R costs and resources by over 50%, while improving the customer experience with automation.

Decrease Credit & A/R Risk

Guaranteed next day payment on all open invoices. Reduce risk while accelerating growth with revenue predictability.

Increase ROI on long-tail customers

Build a custom solution for your markets and goals. Our global network of lenders allows you to simplify and accelerate the underwriting process.


The New Expectation

40% of Large Firms

Expect Digitization of AR/AP Processes to Improve Customer Satisfaction

B2B Credit, A/R, and Collections on Autopilot

Is your objective to expand sales globally, offer net terms built into your online checkout process, or simply decrease DSO?

Apruve enables global enterprises to transform their credit, A/R, and collections process by offering net terms as easy as accepting a credit card.

We combine B2B trade credit and A/R automation with a global credit network. Our solutions are customized for your markets, customers, and goals, enabling you to simplify and accelerate the procure-to-pay process

Use Cases

Start building an automated, financed credit program.

Talk to our specialists to learn how Apruve can reduce fixed credit & A/R costs and team effort by over 50%.