About Us

Powering Finance Credit & A/R Automation

Our Story

In 2013 Apruve set out to disrupt the way credit and A/R has always been done by putting technology, human talent and lending resources together differently. Our mission is to enable transformative change in global enterprises through automated, financed credit programs.

Simplicity is our watchword, because we’ve found that eliminating the unnecessary in business-to-business transactions is in the best interest of our customers, our lenders, and the people they serve.

We believe that A/R automation will continue to march forward toward automated invoice financing – especially for channels (eCommerce), markets (international) or customers (long tail) where a hands-off approach makes more sense and generates and maximizes ROI for the enterprise.

Our Mission

To enable large global enterprises to automate financed credit programs  to deliver transformative change.

Our Values:

Improve Relentlessly

We believe in simplicity. We can’t help but eliminate what’s unnecessary and streamline everything we touch.

Do The Right Thing

We value ethics over profits, striving to do what is in the best interest of our customers, vendors, and each other.


We push back against the saying, “This is how it’s always been done.”

Be Passionate

We have fun and get stuff done – our passion for work and life is contagious.


We work together on a singular vision: to provide a fully customizable B2B digital credit payment solution.


Would you like to work at Apruve? (we are dog friendly)