TreviPay Acquires Apruve

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Getting Started for Apruve Merchants

Get started with Apruve.

1. KYC Due Diligence

Know Your Customer

This is a lending industry standard due diligence process used by our banking partners.

Visit our KYC page to see a list of documents and information we need to collect.

2. Create your Apruve Merchant Account

Your Apruve representative will send you a secure link to claim your merchant account for test and production environments. This will allow you to set up your bank account and generate your API keys for the integration.

3. API Integration

We work with your technical team to spin up a test environment to optimize our API to your desired business process for both online (eCommerce) and offline (ERP) ordering. A push to production will only happen when both parties have signed off.

4. Sign Contracts

  • Apruve Services Agreement
  • Bank Agreement

Apruve works with 3rd party banking institutions to ensure we are offering the most competitive lending rates. The bank directly assumes the lending risk for your program and their contract will be shared with you by your Apruve representative.

5. Link to our Credit Application

Apruve builds and hosts a branded credit application for your company that you will need to link from your store, emails, FAQs, and/or marketing materials.

6. Marketing

Onboarding Corporate Accounts

Do you have existing business accounts that you would like switched to an Apruve managed corporate account? We’ll help you draft emails, marketing content or online landing pages (with how-to videos) to get your existing and new customers to your credit application. Here’s a bit more information on our on-boarding process.

7. Content

FAQs and Helpful Resources

We offer many useful tools for your customers to help them use and manage their corporate accounts. Contact us to see sample videos, FAQs, images and text that you can link to or add to your site.