TreviPay Acquires Apruve

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On-Boarding Apruve Customers

Current Customers
Apruve has the potential to pre-qualify existing buyers if they have enough purchasing and repayment history with you. Once pre-approved, we’ll onboard that customer with a credit limit and send them an email to get them started.
New Customers
Any new customers that you would like to put on account get routed through our standard credit application. To educate these new buyers, Apruve will provide you with landing pages, sample email text and other marketing materials that can be presented to the buyer as they are onboarded.

Branded Communications

Custom-Branded Emails for All Corporate Accounts

Apruve goes through every measure to ensure your company is represented in all forms of communications.

Credit Limit Approval

We make a point to include all relevant information to move the process forward as quick as possible.

Terms Included

It is necessary to know when payment is due, and that is why we include that with our first point of contact.

Munder Difflin sample email